We are pleased to announce that the Church Scheme has been enhanced for 2016, with more cover and reduced premiums for the majority of congregations.

Effective from the 1st January 2016 your Scheme Policy will benefit from a number of improvements, including:

  • Theft Damage to Buildings Extension (including theft of lead):- the limit of indemnity is increased to £50,000.
  • Loss of Revenue:-the standard sum insured limit is increased to £100,000.

Insect Nest Removal :- provides an indemnity for the removal of nests of wasps, bees, or other insects harmful to humans; the maximum payable for any one claim is £500.

Archaeological Digs: -this provides cover for any additional loss of revenue or additional expenditure incurred solely due to necessary archaeological work following discoveries made as a result of insured damage. The maximum payable under this extension is £25,000.

A complete list of all the improvements can be obtained by clicking here.

Premium Rates:- a new rating structure has also been introduced which will mean that most policies insured under the Scheme will benefit from a rating reduction at renewal next year, this notwithstanding the increase in Insurance Premium Tax