The principal focus of the survey will be your buildings and their insurance against the risks of Fire and “special perils” (such as storm, flood, malicious damage, etc.), the Aviva surveyor will also consider the insurance of the contents of your building(s), including the theft exposure.

The programme will be looking at all of the larger properties insured under the Scheme and we believe that it will provide a useful  service to you since it provides the opportunity to offer advice on, for example, security improvements that you may be considering. A further area where general advice may be available during/ after the survey is in relation to your liability exposure – when the surveyor may make some general observations about liability related matters, e.g. the avoidance of “slips and trips”.

What will happen after the survey has been completed

Once the survey has been completed, the surveyor will issue a report, to us, and, where appropriate, we will communicate further with you regarding any risk improvement recommendations that are made. We might add that the purpose of this programme IS NOT to review your buildings reinstatement sums insured.

The programme is already proving beneficial, having highlighted at least one area of a failure to comply with a statutory requirement i.e. Portable Appliance Testing. More information can be found regarding this within the risk management area of our web site, and specific information is available on electrical testing.

We would recommend that if your PAT is not up to date you should take steps to implement the programme as soon as possible.