Extended Cover for Unoccupied Manses

Following a number of water damage claims during the severe cold spell over the winter period of 2017/18 the General Assembly passed a Deliverance requesting that COSIS approach our insurer partners to seek an option for wider cover in respect of unoccupied property.
Church properties require a solution tailored to their specific circumstances and an element of additional cover may be available following survey by the insurer. Unoccupied manses however pose a more easily managed risk. We have therefore, with the support of Aviva, been able to agree a solution for unoccupied manses which is available with immediate effect.
It is now possible to include cover for Theft, Malicious Damage, Escape of Water, and Accidental Damage on an unoccupied Manse subject to
• A £500 excess
• Internal and external inspections, at least every 7 days
• At your option either draining down the water and heating systems or retaining the temperature within the property at a minimum of 12 degrees Celsius, 24 hours per day
An additional premium will be payable where this cover is requested however we believe that this has been set at a level that reflects the increased risk involved. Note however that when agreeing cover it is likely that we will require sight of the Manse Condition Schedule and details of how the property is to be managed during the period of unoccupancy.
This extended cover is available from November 2018. If therefore your manse is currently unoccupied or may become unoccupied in the near future please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team to discuss the best way to protect your property and the cover options available.