Claims Advice


You should let us know as soon as possible of any incident that might give rise to a claim. This is important as it allows us to provide you with help and guidance whatever the circumstances.

It is also a policy condition that you let us know immediately and failure to do so may invalidate your claim. So please ring us on 0131 220 4119 if you have had an incident that may give rise to a claim, you can also email or fax us with the details. For all our contact details including out of hours service please visit Making a Claim (Church Scheme) or Making a Claim (Household Scheme).

Required Information

In order for us to assist you quickly, please have the following information available when notifying us of a loss or claim:

  • Your policy number
  • A description of the loss or damage that has occurred ( nature of the loss, how it occurred, and where it occurred)
  • The date the loss or damage occurred
  • Whether emergency repairs have been necessary
  • Contact details of the person dealing with the claim

If all of this information is not available straight away do not however delay in notifying us, please call us and we will be able to assist you.

Emergency Repairs

If emergency temporary repairs are necessary to protect your property or prevent further damage please put them in hand. You have an obligation under the policy to minimise the loss and this is a necessary step in that process. Please note however that such costs are only recoverable from your insurer in the event of a valid claim.

Whilst undertaking any action to limit the loss please do not dispose of any damaged property as it may be necessary for it to be inspected.

Loss Adjusters

If the loss or damage is extensive it is likely that we will appoint a loss adjuster who will assist in the formulation and settlement of your claim. We have special arrangements with Sedgwick (formerly Cunningham Lindsey) in this respect. They will contact you quickly to set the wheels in motion.

Claims Against You

If the claim relates to third party damage or injury, call us on 0131 220 4119 as soon as possible with the necessary details. Under no circumstances accept liability and please do not answer or respond to any correspondence, writ or summons, you may receive in relation to the incident, simply send it to us.

Notifying the Police

If your claim or loss involves, theft or malicious damage you must advise the police, and we will need to know your crime reference number and the details of when you advised the police and which police station was notified.