Inflatables | Bouncy Castles

If you hire or purchase this type of equipment and agree to operate it, you will be responsible for its safe operation and compliance with related Health and Safety Executive requirements and/or recommendations. These currently require, for example, that you conduct a robust risk assessment and provide adequate, documented training for supervisors of the equipment. Failure to comply may not only result in a claim against you but also action by the Executive against the church officers responsible. Importantly and in addition if in relation to any claim you have failed to fulfil any of the following conditions, you will lose your right to indemnity or payment for that claim. You must ensure therefore when hiring or using such equipment you comply with the following conditions:

1. All operators have sufficient training and knowledge to understand the procedures and rules regarding the safe use and operation of such devices.

2. The maximum number of persons allowed in or on such devices at any time will not exceed the number outlined in the manufacturers’ guidelines or recommendations and such devices are supervised at all times by the operator(s).

3. All outdoor devices have adequate anchorage points which must be used at all times.

4. All devices are inspected

(a)    daily prior to use, and

(b)    at least annually by a competent person and the records of such inspections retained by you for 3 years, and

(i)    all defects or risks to health & safety immediately rectified


(ii)   the device taken out of use until satisfactorily repaired.

5. Where hired in

(a)    you have in place a system of check to ensure that the supplier(s) of the inflatable device(s) has Public and Products Liability insurance and that You keep a written record of their insurer and policy number, and

(b)    the limit of indemnity under such policy is at least equivalent to the limit of indemnity under the Public and Products Liability Section of this.